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A region’s distance from a large body of water is one factor that affects its ______________________________________.
a) economy b) climate c) elevation d) boundary
Factories and agriculture are important to the ___________________________________ of the southern states.
a) economy b) climate c) elevation d) boundary
Sometimes a river or road is part of the ____________________________________ of an area.
a) economy b) climate c) elevation d) boundary
Temperatures are often lower at a high ___________________________________________ than they are at sea level.
a) economy b) climate c) elevation d) boundary
What is a tornado in Minnesota on March 29 an example of?
a) weather b) temperature c) elevation d) climate
If an area with mountains or highlands determines a region, what type of region is it?
a) human region b) state region c) natural region d) lake region
Which of the following is separated by a border
a) roads and mines b) rivers and lakes c) the Sun Belt and the Corn Belt d) states and countries
Which of the following is not one of the four major regions of the United States?
a) New England b) the West c) the South d) the Midwest
Why do people in dry regions control water resources?
a) To prevent severe weather b) To ensure they have enough water for drinking and crops c) To heat homes d) To control bugs
Which of the following is an example of a climate region?
a) The Hawaiian Islands b) The United States c) An urban area d) A polar region
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