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The brightness determined by adding black or white
a) Hue b) Saturation c) Luminescence d) Color
Color that appears when working with tools
a) Foreground Color b) Background Color c) Primary Color d) Secondary Color
Acts as a layer color beneath the original image
a) Foreground Color b) Primary Color c) Background Color d) Secondary Color
System uses a series of cards to identify specific colors.
a) Color Theory b) Complimentary Color System c) Analogous Color System d) Pantone Color Matching
The process of building an image by placing one image on top of another
a) Cloning b) Cropping c) Layers d) Anti-aliasing
To duplicate part of an image onto another part of the image
a) Cloning b) Cropping c) Anti-aliasing d) Merging
To remove data from one or more sides of an image
a) Cropping b) Merging c) Cloning d) Anti-aliasing
To combine images from different sources
a) Cropping b) Anti-aliasing c) Cloning d) Merging
To select all the colors in an area that are alike
a) Use the magic eraser tool b) Use the magic wand tool c) Use the healing brush tool d) Use the clone stamp tool
Image function that smoothes out edges by making them slightly fuzzy
a) Cloning b) Cropping c) Anti-aliasing d) Merging
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