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Adding black to a hue
a) Shade b) Tint c) Tone d) Neutral
Adding white to a hue
a) Shade b) Tint c) Tone d) Neutral
Adding gray to a hue
a) Shade b) Tint c) Neutral d) Tone
Opposite each other on the color wheel
a) Complimentary Colors b) Analogous Colors c) Neutral Colors d) Secondary Colors
Are side by side on the color wheel-can be combined successfully
a) Analogous Colors b) Neutral Colors c) Secondary Colors d) Complimentary Colors
Variations of black
a) Black and white b) Neutral c) Grayscale d) Analogous
Best choice for web pages or computer screens
a) CMYK b) RGB c) Black and White d) Grayscale
Best choice for printers
a) Black and White b) RGB c) Grayscale d) CMYK
A basic color such as blue
a) Hue b) Saturation c) Luminescence d) Brightness
Intensity of a color
a) Hue b) Brightness c) Luminescence d) Saturation
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