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Reducing the size of the image.
a) Resolution b) Compression c) Scaling d) Cropping
Which two file formats are used by the Web?
a) PNG and TIFF b) TIFF and BMP c) GIF and JPEG d) GIF and BMP
Animated files
a) GIF b) JPEG c) TIFF d) BMP
Most cameras save in this format.
a) GIF b) JPEG c) PNG d) BMP
216 colors-large files-Microsoft Paint
a) GIF b) JPEG c) PNG d) BMP
Not compressed-large-16 million colors
a) GIFF b) JPEG c) PNG d) TIFF (Scanners)
16 million colors, Fireworks, can be animated, not supported by most Web browsers.
a) GIF b) JPEG c) PNG d) BMP
Vector advantages over bitmap images is that regardless of how much the image is scaled the quality remains _________.
a) the same b) poor c) excellent d) distorted
What is not a common vector graphics programs?
a) Adobe Illustrator b) Adobe Flash c) Adobe Photoshop d) Microsoft Word
A legal concept that protects a creative work just as if it were physical property
a) Patent b) Trademark c) Copyright d) Intellectual Property
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