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OSHA stands for
a) Occupational Safety and Health Administration b) Organizational Safety and House Administration c) Occupational Safety and House Administration d) Organizational Safety and Health Administration
Areas and equipment that are felt to be unsafe should be immediately reported to
a) boss b) teacher c) boss or teacher d) janitor
Include numbness, tingling or burning in the fingers, hands or forearm and may progress to a loss of feeling, grip and hand function
a) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome b) Headaches c) Wrist Strain d) Eye Fatigue
The single greatest complaint expressed by computer users is
a) Carpel Tunnel Syndrome b) Eye strain c) Headaches d) Back problems
May be your body's signal to have your vision checked by your health care provider
a) Blurred vision b) Headaches c) Eye fatigue d) Eye irritation
The study of the relationship between people and their work environment
a) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome b) OSHA c) ADA d) Ergonomics
Provides equal opportunity/access to public accommodations for those with disabilities
a) ADA b) OSHA c) Ergonomics d) FDA
When lifting a heavy object,
a) use your back b) bend at your waist c) bend your knees d) take breaks often
Is a law passed by US Congress to prevent employees from being injured or contracting diseases in the courses of their employment
a) ADA b) OSHA c) Ergonomics d) FDA
ADA stands for
a) Americans with Disablilities Act b) Americans Disabled Administration c) Administration of Disabled Americans d) Act for Disabled Americans
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