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The white-tailed deer has a spotted coat tha helps it blend in with trees as their leaves change colors. This is the biome where we live.
a) Deciduous Forest b) Coniferous Forest c) d)
It is winter. You are in a place with tall trees full of needle-like leaves. You are in the ___________ biome.
a) Deciduous Forest b) Coniferous Forest c) d)
Rainfall is an ______________ factor, or nonliving part, of the environment.
a) abiotic b) biotic c) d)
Plants and trees are _____________ factors, or living parts, of the environment.
a) biotic b) abiotic c) d)
What is a biome?
a) A group of ecosystems with similar climates and organisms b) A branch of biology that deals with the relationships of living things c) d)
Conifers are trees that produce seeds in ______________________.
a) Leaves b) Cones c) d)
An _______________________ is a characteristic that helps an organism survive in its environment.
a) adaptation b) abiotic c) d)
Conifer trees have special needle-shaped leaves covered in a thick, waxy coating. This __________ helps the tree conserve water and from being damaged by cold weather.
a) climate b) adaptation c) d)
________________ is the typical weather pattern in an area over a long period of time (includes precipitation and temperature).
a) Climate b) Rainfall c) d)
Other names for a coniferous forest are ______________________________.
a) rain forest and deciduous forest. b) taiga and boreal forest. c) d)
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