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incapable of being accounted for or explained
a) inexplicably b) sprightly c) piquant d) commodity
plesantly biting or tart
a) sprightly b) piquant c) commodity d) endearment
article of trade or commerce
a) piquant b) commodity c) sprightly d) endearment
animated, vivacious, lively
a) inexplicably b) endearment c) sprightly d) piquant
word or an act of expressing affection
a) commodity b) sprightly c) piquant d) endearment
rich, think vegetable soup usually with dried beans and pasta
a) minestrone b) bouillabaisse c) complexities d) herring
any of a large family of soft-finned bony fishes
a) minestrone b) bouillabaisse c) complexities d) herring
state or quality of being complicated and involved
a) minestrone b) hodgepodge c) complexities d) herring
mixture of things not seemingly related but thrown together
a) hodgepodge b) minestrone c) complexities d) herring
soup or ste containing several kinds of fish, olive oil, tomatoes
a) bouillabaisse b) minestrone c) herring d) hodgepodge
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