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An instrument for measuring the speed of wind
a) Anemometer b) Barometer c) Thermometer d)
A scientist who studies weather and climate
a) Meteorologist b) Biologist c) Clown d)
Temperature, wind, and moist conditions at a certain place and time
a) Weather b) Meteorologist c) Climate d)
violent tropical storm with winds of more than 74 mph and over water
a) Tornado b) Hail c) Hurricane d)
a violent windstorm coming from dark clouds as a twisting funnel.
a) Tornado b) Hail c) Hurricane d)
instrument used to measure air pressure
a) Thermometer b) Barometer c) Anemometer d)
to predict what type of weather is coming
a) Forecast b) Weather c) Air d)
moisture in the form of rain, dew, or snow
a) Humidity b) Precipitation c) water d)
amount of moisture in the air
a) Humidity b) Temperature c) Air d)
measure of heat or cold
a) Humidity b) Temperature c) Air d)
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