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What year did the settlers of Roanoke disappear?
a) 1490 b) 1590 c) 1709 d) 1620
What cash crop did the settlers of Jamestown produce?
a) rice b) indigo c) tobacco d) wheat
Joint Stock copanies had to obtain wht from the King in order to start a settlement?
a) Constitution b) Charter c) Compact d) Debtor
Define Separatist
a) People who owe money b) Wealthy land owners c) Persons who wanted to leave the Anglican church of England d) English Subjects
The Massachusetts Bay colony was granted a charter to start a colony where?
a) North of Boston b) Virginia c) Maine d) New York
Define Pacifists
a) A wealthy land owner b) Native Americans c) Pilgrims in search of religious freedom d) People who believe in non-violence
Define Mayflower Compact
a) First written constitution in America b) Pilgrims signed an agreement in advance containing laws to govern themselves c) Given by the King to start a settlement in America d) First written Charter in America
What political principalsguided the creation of the Fundamental Oders of Connecticut
a) Tyranny b) Communism c) Democratic or Representative d) Marxism
What does the name Pocahontas mean
a) Playful One b) Joyful One c) SeriousOne d) Happy One
Which one did the Quakers not believe?
a) Everyone is equal b) Non-violence c) Inner light guided them d) King was above a commoner in status
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