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Which fruit is a small, hard berry that is light to dark red in color?
a) cranberry b) grapefruit c) Kumquat d) kiwifruit
Which fruit is small oval with even, golden color and slightly fuzzy skin?
a) cherry b) apricot c) clementine d) avocado
Which is an example of unusual fruit?
a) carambola b) all of the above c) feijoa d) cherimoya
Which type of fruit has inner flesh divided into segments that are separated by thin membrane?
a) pomes b) drupe c) melons d) citrus fruits
What is the name term for a fruit with a single hard seed, also called the pit or stone, and soft inner flesh covered by tender, edible skin?
a) pome b) melon c) drupe d) carambola
What is an under ripe fruit?
a) a fruit that has been picked but is not ready to eat b) a fruit that has reached full size and color c) a mature fruit at the peak of flavor d) a fruit that is still growing and is not yet ready to eat
Why are some fruits waxed?
a) to prevent moisture loss b) all of the above c) to help fruits last longer d) to make fruits look more attractive
Which is the healthiest option when shopping for canned fruits?
a) fruits packed in heavy syrup b) none of the above c) fruits packed in light syrup d) fruits packed in water
What is the definition of reconstitute?
a) to restore a dried fruit to its former condition by adding water b) a chemical reaction in which oxygen in the air reacts with an enzyme in fruit c) the return of chlorophyll to the skin of ripe oranges d) to lower a fruit in simmering water for about 15 seconds before sliding off skin
Which is the quality you should consider when shopping for fruit?
a) denseness b) all of the above c) shape d) aroma
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