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Which country in Europe had colonies along the East Coast by 1750?
a) Netherlands b) England c) Spain d) France
Where did the Pilgrims first settle?
a) Cape Cod Bay b) Maine c) Boston d) Virginia Bay
What does the word Pennsylvania mean?
a) Penn\'s Experiment b) Penn\'s Colony c) Penn\'s Land d) Penn\'s Woods
What is a list of government\'s fundamental laws called?
a) Charter b) Legislative laws c) Constitution d) Compact
Who was the proprietor of New Jersey?
a) Lord John Berkeley b) John Rolfe c) William Berkeley d) Thomas Hooker
What does the word Proprietor mean?
a) Owner b) Patroon c) Renter d) Buyer
What did the Pilgrims name their settlement?
a) Boston b) Mayflower c) Plymouth d) Cape Cod Bay
What was Jamestown\'s first legislative assembly called?
a) Jamestown Legislature b) House of Constitutional Laws c) Jamestown Charter d) House of Burgesses
Who founded the colony of Connecticut?
a) William Penn b) Thomas Hooker c) Lord Baltimore d) Nathanial Bacon
Who was the governor of Virginia that left after Bacon\'s Rebellion?
a) Lord Baltimore b) William Penn c) Lord John Berkeley d) William Berkeley
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