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In this type of fiction, some facts may be true, and some people may be real, but for the most part, the story is made up
a) realistic b) biography c) historical d) fantasy
Sherlock Holmes
a) fantasy b) autobiography c) reality d) mystery
The Bronze Bow
a) historical fiction b) biography c) fantasy d) realistic fiction
The Diary of Anne Frank
a) historical fiction b) realistic fiction c) autobiography d) biography
Tim Tebow: Through my Eyes
a) biography b) realistic fiction c) historical fiction d) autobiography
Hunger Games
a) realistic fiction b) science fiction c) fantasy d) historical fiction
The Lord of the Rings
a) fantasy b) mystery c) realistic fiction d) science fiction
a) science fiction b) fantasy c) mystery d) fairy tale
A novel about Harriet Tubman
a) biography b) autobiography c) historical fiction d) realistic fiction
focuses on adventure of the unknown
a) mystery b) fantasy c) science fiction d) fairy tale
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