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The burning of fossil fuels has the greatest and most direct impact on the
a) rock cycle b) water cycle c) carbon cycle d) nitrogen cycle
Carbon is used to make sugars (chemical energy) in which step of the carbon cycle?
a) photosythesis b) digestion c) transpiration d) respiration
Carbon is removed from the atmosphere through what process?
a) burning fossil fuels b) deforestation c) respiration d) photosynthesis
Where is carbon stored in the largest amounts on Earth?
a) atmosphere b) oceans c) lithosphere d) ice caps
Which is the possible path of movement of nitorgen in the nitrogen cycle?
a) soil- air - plants- animals - soil b) soil -animals - plants - air - soil c) air -animals - soil - plants - air d) air -soil - plants - animals -soil - air
What are the primary sources of energy that drive the movement of matter among resevoirs?
a) the Sun and the plants b) animal and solid Earth c) solar and geothermal d) plants and animals
Of these factors, which is most directly responsible for the creation of fossil fuels?
a) displacement b) erosion c) pressure d) tectonic activity (movement of the plates)
Movement of carbon from the lithosphere to the atmosphere can be accomplished by
a) the burning of fossil fuels b) photosynthesis c) respiration d) all of the above
In which resevoir is dissolved carbon dioxide abundant?
a) fossil fuels b) oceans c) organic waste d) plants
Most carbon is held in the lithosphere in which form?
a) carbon monoxide b) carbon dioxide c) limestone d) methane
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