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We carry it during rains
a) Bag b) Dress c) Umbrella d)
It is used for eating
a) Glass b) Cup c) Spoon d)
In sunny days we close it so that the sunrays do not come in
a) bedsheet b) curtain c) blanket d)
Lord Krishna\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Mother\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Name
a) Yashoda b) Anushka c) Sukanya d)
Shivaji\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Mothers Name
a) Rupa b) Jijabai c) Sushila d)
Colour of grapes
a) yellow b) pink c) green d)
Capital of India
a) Delhi b) Mumbai c) Surat d)
Capital of Maharashtra
a) Delhi b) Mumbai c) Surat d)
How many colours are there in rainbow
a) 5 b) 7 c) 9 d)
Colour of apple
a) red b) blue c) green d)
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