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substances that are formed in a reaction, after the arrow
a) products b) reactants c) synthesis d) decomposition
Substances at the beginning of a reaction, before the arrow
a) reactants b) c) d) products
A chemical that is used to SPEED up the rate of a reaction.
a) catalyst b) endothermic c) exothermic d) inhibitor
Energy that is required to start a reaction
a) activation energy b) light energy c) chemical energy d) inhibitor
30g of substance A + 50g of substance B form how many grams of new susbtance?
a) 80g b) 50g c) 1500g d) 20g
Which of the following is NOT a sign of a chemical change?
a) change in state b) change in color c) gas is produced d) precipitate forms
A solid that can form when 2 liquids react
a) precipitate b) combustion c) crystalline d) amorphous
A chemical reaction that releases energy in the form of light or heat
a) exothermic b) decomposition c) replacement d) endothermic
What type of reaction has 1 reactant and 2 or more products?
a) decomposition b) c) synthesis d) replacement
What type of chemical reaction has 2 or more reactants and only 1 product?
a) synthesis b) c) replacement d) decomposition
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