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The part of the experiment that is not being tested and is used for comparison?
a) control b) independent variable c) irrelevant variable d) variable
What is used to test a hypothesis?
a) a purpose b) the conclusion c) the analysis d) an experiment
The information collected during an experiment is known as ______________
a) data b) variables c) graphs d) formulas
The part of a lab report that descibes the exact steps you perform during an experiment?
a) Procedure b) Purpose c) Conclusion d) Hypothesis
The ____________________________ is a process used by scientists to find answers to questions or to solve a problem.
a) scientific method b) scientific formula c) experimental method d) lab report
Which tool makes an accurate measurement of liquid?
a) beaker b) petri dish c) flask d) graduated cylinder
Cleaning up the lab is the responsibility of
a) the students leaving the lab b) the custodial staff c) the teacher d) the students entering the lab
The part of the experiment that is changed by the person performing the experiment
a) independent variable b) c) d) dependent variable
The variable that is measured during the experiment and is directly affected by changing an isolated or single variable
a) dependent variable b) c) d) independent variable
Your ________________ must state whether your ___________________ was correct or incorrect
a) hypothesis, purpose b) conclusion, hypothesis c) procedure, purpose d) purpose, conclusion
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