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A _____________________ is a wild pig.
a) boar b) bore c) sweet d) suite
Someone who is not interesting is a ______________________.
a) bore b) boar c) sweet d) suite
Candy and cookies are _______________________ because they are made with sugar.
a) sweet b) suite c) vein d) vain
A group of rooms that are connected is called a ___________________.
a) suite b) sweet c) vein d) vain
A ____________ person is proud.
a) vain b) vein c) metal d) mettle
A ________________ carries blood to your heart.
a) vein b) vain c) metal d) mettle
If you have courage, you have ___________________.
a) mettle b) metal c) boulder d) bolder
Silver, copper, and brass are examples of ___________________.
a) metal b) mettle c) boulder d) bolder
A big rock is a ________________________.
a) boulder b) bolder c) boar d) bore
When you feel braver, you are _______________________.
a) bolder b) boulder c) bore d) boar
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