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Which term describes the mix of partially digested food as it travels from the stomach to the intestine?
a) Epiglottis b) Chyme c) Sludge d) None of the above
Which foods can cause irritation to person with GERD (severe heartburn)?
a) Fried foods b) Fatty foods c) Citrus fruits d) All of the above
Which hormone helps glucose into cells?
a) Insulin b) Glucagon c) Salivary amylase d) Estrogen
Which of the following rely on glucose for energy?
a) Red blood cells b) Nervous system c) Brain d) All of the above
Which of the following is not a monosaccharide?
a) Fructose b) Lactose c) Glucose d) Galactose
Which snack is not high in fiber?
a) Beans b) Eggs c) Fruit d) Veggies
Lactose intolerance is due to a deficiency of…
a) Lactose b) Calcium c) GI Bacteria d) Lactase
How many calories are found in one gram of alcohol?
a) 7 b) 4 c) 0 d) 9
Which choice is not high in carbohydrates?
a) Beans & Rice b) Mashed Potatoes c) Bacon & Eggs d) Apple Juice
Which food is the most nutrient dense?
a) Mountain Dew b) Spinach c) Strawberry Poptart d) Saltines
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