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Which element is found in family #7?
a) Nitrogen b) Chlorine c) Lithium d) Cobalt
What element has 33 electrons?
a) Arsenic b) Vanadium c) Helium d) Neon
What element has 24 protons and 24 electrons?
a) Iron b) Fluorine c) Magnesium d) Chromium
What is the mass number of an element that has an atomic number of 37 and 48 neutrons?
a) 43 b) 37 c) 85 d) 6
What element is found in the alkaline earth metals?
a) Calcium b) Sodium c) Helium d) Aluminum
Which element has 40 protons?
a) ZInc b) Zirconium c) Potassium d) Scandium
Which element is found in family #3?
a) Argon b) Potassium c) Gallium d) Lithium
What element has 22 electrons?
a) Scandium b) Hydrogen c) Copper d) Titanium
What is the name of the group that involves He, Ne, Ar, Kr?
a) Alkali Metals b) Noble Gases c) Alkali Earth Metals d) Transition Metals
What is the name for element with 27 protons?
a) Iron b) Calcium c) Cobalt d) Germanium
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