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The pattern of weather over many years.
a) climate b) precipitation c) weather d) canal
The careful use of our natural resources.
a) precipitation b) climate c) conservation d) environment
Something in the environment people can use.
a) recycled b) natural resource c) fuel d) conservation
This word means to use again.
a) recycled b) natural resources c) fuel d) conservation
A nonrenewable resource that is a natural substance found in the earth.
a) precipitation b) province c) fuel d) minerals
This makes our air, water, and soil dirty.
a) precipitation b) pollution c) nonrenewable resources d) minerals
A substance used to produce energy.
a) minerals b) climate c) renewable resources d) fuel
A political division of some countries, such as Canada.
a) province b) border c) conservation d) territory
An area of land owned by a country either within or outside the country's borders.
a) province b) territory c) fuel d) canal
This means there is a limited supply of the resource.
a) desert b) renewable resource c) conservation d) non renewable resource
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