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How does a dam prevent flooding?
a) It controls the flow of the river water. b) c) d) It forces the water to evaporate.
The rocky outer layer of Earth\'s surface is called the _________.
a) magma b) c) d) crust
Rocks break down during a destructive process called __________________.
a) weathering b) c) d) earthquake
________________ forms when agents of mechanical weathering break rocks into smaller pieces.
a) sediment b) c) d) contour
Wind, water, and moving ice move sediments during the process of ___________.
a) crust b) c) d) erosion
Small islands can form during the constructive process called ___________.
a) deposition b) c) d) weathering
_____________ lines connect point on a map that have the same elevation.
a) magma b) c) d) contour
A __________ map shows the shape of surface features and their elevations.
a) topographic b) c) d) plate tectonics
___________ is a theory that describes how large slabs of the lithosphere move.
a) Weathering b) c) d) Plate tectonics
Build-up energy is released along a fault during an _______________.
a) earthquake b) c) d) erosion
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