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a) The hero b) c) d)
a) The Villian b) c) d)
minor character
a) All the rest of the characters in the story play or novel b) c) d)
dynamic character
a) Characters who undergo some sort of change. This can be attitude or world view. b) c) d)
static character
a) Characters who do not undergo a change during the course of a story. b) c) d)
round character
a) Characters who are described in great detail. b) c) d)
flat character
a) Characters who are not described in great detail. b) c) d)
objective point of view
a) Narrator does not state more than can be inferred from the story\'s action or dialogue. b) c) d)
a) A person, place, activity, or object that stands for something else beyond itself. b) c) d)
a) The way in which parts of literature are put together. b) c) d)
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