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Which of the following is an insect?
a) Caddis worm b) Earthworm c) Spider d) Millipede
What is the 4th stage of complete metamorphosis?
a) Larva b) Pupa c) Egg d) Adult
Which of the following folds its wings when resting
a) Moth b) Butterfly c) Both Moth and Butterfly d) Neither Moth or Butterfly
Which of these is a way insects communicate?
a) Talking b) Typing c) Yelling d) Dancing
How does a lacewing protect itself?
a) Bad odor b) Camouflage c) Mimicry d) Ugliness
What is a predator?
a) A friend to insects b) Attaches itself to another plant or animal to feed on it. c) An animal that captures and eats other animals d) A young insect that looks almost like an adult
When a harmless insect makes itself look like a harmful one, it is called
a) Mimicry b) Camouflage c) Mocking d) Migrating
What does a monarch butterfly get its taste from?
a) Viceroy b) Cricket c) Roses d) Milkweed
To blend in with your surroundings
a) Mimic b) Migrate c) Camouflage d) Host
Which of these insects spins a cocoon?
a) Butterfly b) Moth c) Both a butterfly and a moth d) Neither a butterfly or a moth
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