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This is the term for what insects do when they grow a new skeleton and shed the old one.
a) Mimic b) Hibernate c) Migrate d) Molt
This insect has only one pair of wings
a) Butterfly b) Mosquito c) Centipede d) Bee
Which of these insects migrates?
a) Ladybug b) Cockroach c) Beetle d) Fly
Which of these insects is a parasite
a) Cricket b) Lice c) Ladybug d) Caddis worm
Tiny hairs used for sensing
a) Hind wing b) Thorax c) Ovipositor d) Sensilla
The first stage of complete metamorphosis
a) larva b) pupa c) egg d) adult
To go into a long, deep sleep for the winter
a) Migrate b) Hibernate c) Camouflage d) Nap
Antennae help insects do all of the following except
a) Breathe b) Smell c) Find directions d) Taste
What does an insect use its ovipositor for?
a) Protect its babies b) Build homes c) Lay eggs d) Store food
Which of the following insects is a social insect?
a) Butterfly b) Mosquito c) Beetle d) Termite
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