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We went _______________at the rink.
a) ice-skating b) ice skating c) iceskating d) ice scating
THe kitten hid in the___________box.
a) card board b) carboard c) cardboard d) cartboard
We can't wait for the _____________
a) feild trip b) field trip c) field-trip d) feeledtrip
The clerk gave us ____________cents in change.
a) ninety-one b) ninty-one c) nine-one d) nintee-one
The walls were the color of an _________________.
a) eggsshell b) egg shell c) eggshell d) egg-shell
She said, I'm ____________after she fell.
a) alright b) all right c) awe right d) all rite
The girl announced,
a) cheerleader b) cheer leader c) chearlader d) cheer leader
They sat all comfortable in the_________________.
a) arm chair b) armcheer c) arm-chair d) armchair
I put the __________on the hook to start fishing.
a) earthworm b) Earthworm c) earth worm d) Earth worm
They went to the _______________to go skiing.
a) mountain top b) mountaintop c) mountain-top d) Mountain top
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