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Animal hides and hair woven plants
a) Hopi b) Seminoles c) Kwakiut d) Nez Perce
Salmon, Berries, roots gathered and hunted
a) Kwakiutl b) Hopi c) Nez Perce d) Pawnee
Lived with clan in large lodges in villages. Homes made with driftwood and dirt
a) Pawnee b) Nez Perce c) Seminoles d) Comanche
Women: deer skin skirts. Men: breechcloth made of deerskin/leather
a) Comanche b) Pawnee c) Seminoles d) Inuit
Nomads: Lived in tepees with sticks and buffalo hides, used porcupine quills and berries to decorate
a) Comanche b) Nez Perce c) Seminoles d) Hopi
Round houses made with poles, clay, and bark, sometimes without walls. Had permanent settlements
a) Comanchee b) Pawnee c) Seminoles d) Kwakiutl
Wore woven plants and grass
a) Pawnee b) Comanche c) Seminoles d) Nez Perce
Western Great Plains/Dry
a) Comanche b) Pawnee c) Nez Perce d) Seminoles
Eastern Great Plains/Rainy
a) Seminoles b) Pawnee c) Nez Perce d) Comanche
Lived in Pueblos
a) Kwakiutl b) Inuit c) Hopi d) Pawnee
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