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Protozoans are also known as:
a) bacteria-like protists b) prokaryotic cells c) animal-like protists d) plant-like protists
Plant-like protists are unique among protists because they:
a) can perform photosynthesis b) are heterotrophic c) lack a cell wall d) use pseudopods to move.
Slime molds are an example of ___________ because _________.
a) fungus-like protists; they are multicellular decomposers b) fungus-like protists; they are autotrophs c) protozoans; they are multicellular decomposers d) protozoans; they are unicellular decomposers
The presence of chloroplasts indicates that the protist:
a) can perform photosynthesis. b) is autotrophic. c) all answers are correct. d) is plant-like.
Which example is NOT a protozoan?
a) volvox b) amoeba c) paramecium d) stentor
What are the small, hair-like structures surrounding a paramecium and a stentor?
a) Cilia b) Flagella c) Cell wall d) Chloroplast
The DNA in a bacteria is located in the _______, while protist DNA is located in the _______.
a) nucleiod, nucleus b) nucleus, nucleus c) ribosome, nucleus d) nucleus, ribosome
The type of cellular organization with many, similar cells in a group is called________ and seen in _______
a) colonial, volvox b) multicellular, paramecium c) multicellular, red algae d) colonial, stentor
Pseudopods help an amoeba:
a) move b) eat c) change shape d) all answers are correct
Algae are similar to plants except that they lack:
a) cell walls b) stems and leaves c) chloroplasts d) all answers are correct
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