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shaking or nervous
a) ambition b) subside c) contemptuously d) tremulous
a strong desire to do or to achieve something
a) venture b) ambition c) coax d) derision
to try to persuade someone
a) coax b) provoke c) venture d) invert
without respect, acting as if it is worthless
a) vigilant b) provoke c) contemptuously d) clamorous
a risky or daring journey or undertaking
a) venture b) generation c) derision d) furrow
to anger, enrage, exasperate
a) contradict b) subside c) capsize d) provoke
a) derision b) vigilant c) venerable d) indispensable
contemptuous ridicule or mockery
a) clamorous b) perpetual c) derision d) tangible
become quiet or calm
a) subside b) transcend c) clamorous d) somber
a) venerable b) indispensable c) clamorous d) populous
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