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The person against the main character.
a) protagonist b) antagonist c) conflict d) suspense
A problem or struggle between two characters or between a character and some outside force, like weather.
a) climax b) internal conflict c) external conflict d) setting
Detailed descriptions of the moments just BEFORE the climax; leaves the audience wondering "What'll happen?".
a) resolution b) climax c) plot d) suspense
Problem or struggle within a character.
a) characterization b) internal conflict c) external conflict d) protagonist
Quick wrap-up AFTER the climax.
a) plot b) resolution c) suspense d) climax
a) protagonist b) resolution c) setting d) climax
What a character is like.
a) characterization b) protagonist c) antagonist d) internal conflict
Main character.
a) external conflict b) internal conflict c) protagonist d) antagonist
Where and when it happens.
a) characterization b) suspense c) setting d) resolution
What happens.
a) internal conflict b) external conflict c) climax d) plot
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