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If you leave a metal spoon in a bowl of hot soup, then grab the sppon, you feel heat! This is an example of
a) Radiation b) Molecules moving. c) Convection d) Conduction
Brownies bake in a glass pan by heat waves going through the pan. This is an example of:
a) Radiation b) Absorption c) Convection d) Conduction
Fruit cooking from the steam coming from boiling water is an example of:
a) Radiation b) Absorption c) Convection d) Conduction
Heat transfers from:
a) Warm to cold b) heat does not transfer often. c) Only by touching something d) Cold to warm
Dark colors ______________ heat while light colors ______________ it.
a) reflect; absorb b) allow flow of; do not allow c) absorb, reflect d) absorb; trap
Warm molecules____________________________.
a) Expand and rise b) Condense and rise. c) Expand and sink d) Condense and sink
A marshmallow held over a flame is cooked by_____________________.
a) Conduction b) Radiation c) Absorbtion d) Convection
Air molecules are warmed by the Earth's surface. This is an example of:
a) Conduction b) Absorption c) Radiation d) Convection
The cycle of cool air sinking and pushing up warm air is called __________________.
a) Radiatoin b) Greenhouse Effect c) Coriolis Effect d) Convection current
The Earth receives energy from the sun by _________________.
a) Energy b) heat c) Radiation d) Convection
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