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A student wants to measure volume of a liquid. He would us what?
a) beacker b) erienmeyer flask c) graduated cylinder d) test tubes
An explanation of natural phenomena that has been tested many times with the same result is a -
a) conclusion b) hypothesis c) theory d) variable
Which molecule is correctly paired with its building blocks?
a) cellulose - polypeptides b) dna - fatty acids c) carbohydrates - monosaccharides d) fat - disaccharides
Which of the following is a characteristic of nucleic acid?
a) it is the same as an amino acid b) it takes energy from your body c) it stores fat d) it stores and transmits information
The type of protein responsible for decreasing the rate of reaction without being consumed is called -
a) catalyst b) freezing c) inhibitor d) surface area
The energy releasing process within a cell is called -
a) glycolysis b) photosynthesis c) synthesis d) electron transport chain
The process whereby plants capture light energy and make glucose molecules is known as -
a) homeostatis b) chemosynthesis c) photosynthesis d) development
In the absence of oxygen, bacteria and fungi use what to maintain metablic activities within their cells?
a) aerobic respiration b) anaerobic respiration c) chemosmosis d) photosynthesis
An organism that is heterotrophic, eukaryotic, MOSTLY multicellular and has cell walls, is a member of which kingdom?
a) fungi b) plantae c) monera d) protista
The name for which class of vertebrates means double life?
a) aves b) reptilia c) mammalia d) amphibia
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