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What is being measured
a) dependent variable b) independent variable c) constant d) control
information gathered with senses
a) fact b) observation c) control d) inference
Parts of an experiment that are kept the same
a) inference b) hypothesis c) constants d) control
Possible answer or solution to a question
a) fact b) observation c) hypothesis d) data
collection of things or parts that interact with each other to function as a whole
a) system b) output c) input d) data
system that has feedback and can modify itself
a) fact b) theory c) open system d) closed system
Part of the experiment that is purposely changed by the experimenter
a) independent variable b) dependent variable c) constant d) hypothesis
idea or model used to explain facts and predict new ones, excepted by the scientific community
a) controlled experiment b) hypothesis c) scientific law d) scientific theory
statement that describes what scientists expect to happen every time under a particular set of conditions
a) scientific law b) scientific theory c) hypthoesis d) controlled experiment
information about the system's operation that is introduced back into the system
a) feedback b) open c) closed d) theory
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