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How do you say hello in Spanish
a) Helia b) Holia c) Hola d) Halo
What is the word for delighted in Spanish conversation
a) enchantada b) delieto c) encantado d) delicioso
How do you say I love you in Spanish
a) Amo Te b) Tu Amas c) Yo Lovo Tu d) Te Amo
What is the Spanish word for will such as Thy will be done
a) willo b) voluntad c) villa d) ofensas
What does tentacion mean in English
a) tension b) tens c) temptation d) timing
Primero means what in English
a) primative b) primate c) primrose d) Primary or first
Eterno is what word in English
a) Enter b) Eating c) Earnings d) Eternal
What is the Spanish word for innocent
a) inolvidable b) noche c) centavo d) inocente
What does Gracia mean in Spanish
a) Thank You b) Gracious c) Grace or mercy d) Grand
In the movie Courageous Javier said he was going to get a limonada which is
a) a lemonade b) a licorice candy c) a lime sherbert d) a money order
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