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How do you say Good Morning in Spanish
a) What is Buenos Dias b) What is Buenas Dias c) What is Buenas Mornanas d) What is Dias Buenos
How do you say Good Night
a) What is Noches Buenas b) What is Noche Buena c) What is Buenas Noches d) What is Buenos Noches
How do you say Good Afternoon in Spanish
a) What is Buenos Tardes b) What is Buenas Tardes c) What is Tarde Buena d) What is Bien Tarde
How do you ask What is your name
a) Como llama b) Como llamas tu c) Como te llamas d) Como llama te
How do you say My name is in Spanish
a) Me llama b) Tu te llamas c) Me llamas d) Me llamo
How do you say Precious Lamb in Spanish
a) Precioso Lambo b) Lambo Precioso c) Cordo Lambo d) Precioso Cordero
How do you say Pleased to Meet you in Spanish
a) Me gusta b) Mucho gusto c) Muchas gustas muchachas d) Gusto mio Gustavo
What does this word santificado mean in English
a) sanctioned b) santa is coming c) sainthood d) holy such as in sanctified
What does Padre Nuestro mean in English
a) The Pope b) Never Father c) Our Father d) Pay for the newpaper
Which are the correct words for Mr Mrs and Miss in Spanish
a) Mistro Mistra and Mistrita b) Senio Senia and Senita c) Sicily Sicillian and Sicilano d) Senor Senora and Senorita
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