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Why did the United States overthrow the government of Iraq in 2003?
a) Iraq was protecting Osama bin Laden from being captured by American troops. b) Iraqi terrorists threatened to capture the city of Mecca from Saudi Arabia. c) The U.S. believed that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). d) The U.S. wanted to take possession of all oil reserves within Iraq.
In which Southwest Asian nation does the leader inherit power?
a) Islamic Republic of Iran b) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia c) State of Israel d) Republic of Turkey
What does a confederation include?
a) a king or queen who rules with assistance from a parliament b) an emperor who leads with the approval of his/her followers c) power is divided between central and regional authorities d) voluntary associations of independent states
How did anti-Semitism affect the Jewish people during the late 1800s?
a) The Arabs and Jews began to cooperate on the creation of a Jewish state. b) The Jews took control of most oil reserves located in Southwest Asia. c) There was a large amount of prejudice against the Jews around the world. d) The Jews began warring with the Persians and Kurds over control of the Jordan River.
Which form of government includes a system in which the president is constitutionally independent of the legislature?
a) constitutional monarchy b) absolute monarchy c) presidential democracy d) parliamentary democracy
Which of these is a reason for continuing conflicts in the Middle East?
a) historical claims to the same land b) competition between agricultural industries c) the destruction of the rainforest d) the discovery of gold
What occurred during the Holocaust?
a) Large deposits of oil were discovered in modern-day Iran. b) Egypt invaded Israel over a dispute concerning the Jordan River. c) Turkey fell under the leadership of Ataturk and his followers. d) Millions of Jews were taken to concentration camps and killed.
Due to its absolute monarchy, which Southwest Asian nation would have the lowest amount of personal freedoms?
a) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia b) State of Israel c) Islamic Republic of Iran d) Republic of Turkey
How is citizen participation determined in an autocracy?
a) Citizens are directly involved in the government through the use of elections. b) One person possesses all of the power, and the citizens have little or no power. c) The prime minister holds executive power. d) A small group of people have power, and the citizens have little or no power.
What caused the United States to enter the Persian Gulf War in 1991?
a) The U.S. embassy in Iran was overtaken, and dozens of Americans were held hostage. b) The government of Iraq was responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks. c) Iraq invaded Kuwait, and billions of barrels of oil were threatened by this intrusion. d) Saudi Arabia began an invasion of Israel in order to control the Suez Canal.
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