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Water droplets in a rainbow act like
a) Tiny prisms. b) c) d)
What 2 things do light energy let us do?
a) see things b) c) d) give things color
Why does white light looks like a rainbow when it exits a Prism
a) It reflects light that is that color b) c) d)
light slows down when it hits....
a) water b) another surface c) d)
Light travels fastest when it\'s going
a) through air b) through an empty space c) d)
What do prisms do?
a) bend light b) c) d)
See your face in the mirror is an example of what?
a) reflection b) c) d)
A red apple absorbs all other colors except what color
a) red b) c) d)
what 2 things cause a shadow?
a) a light source b) something that blocks the light c) d)
The angle of a light striking a mirror is the same as what?
a) The angle of reflection b) c) d)
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