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Which plant is grown from spores?
a) moss b) strawberry c) corn d) potato
The part of the plant that makes food
a) stem b) leaf c) root d) flower
A single cell made in some plants which can grow into a new plant
a) seed b) flower c) root d) spore
The beginning of a new plant on a potato
a) bud b) spore c) moss d) seed coat
The part of the plant which absorbs water and minerals
a) flower b) seeds c) roots d) stem
The hard covering of a seed
a) roots b) stem c) glucose d) seed coat
The yellow powder or dust formed by a flower
a) koolaid b) pollen c) moss d) spore
A simple sugar formed in green plants
a) glucose b) chlorophyll c) carbon dioxide d) oxygen
The part of the plant that carries food to the other parts
a) flower b) stem c) leaf d) roots
The part of the plant which makes seeds
a) flower b) stem c) roots d) leaf
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