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The top margin of a memorandum is usually
a) 1 to 2 inches, depending on the length of the memo b) 1/2 an inch c) 1 1/2 inch d) 1 1/2 inch
The purpose of the subject line is to
a) draw the reader's attention to the main subject of the memo b) add a message to the end of the letter c) identify the person whom should receive the letter d) identify the person who sent the memo
Which of the following types of communication would be used to correspond within the company?
a) business letter b) personal business letter c) memorandum d) modified block letter
In a simplified memo, how many times should you press enter after the addressee before the subject line?
a) one b) two c) three d) four
The actual message of the memo is called the
a) subject line b) body c) addressee d) writer's name
The addressee is the person who
a) sends the memo b) receives the memo c) types the memo d) signs the memo
The paragraphs in the body of a memo are keyed
a) SS b) DS c) TS d) QS
Reference initials should be keyed
a) ALL CAPS b) Lowercase with punctuation c) Lowercase, no punctuation, and no space d) Uppercase and no punctuation
Guide Words in a standard memo are
The guide words on a memo are followed by a
a) comma b) colon c) quotation mark d) period
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