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A grove has rows of
a) marchers b) trees c) chairs d) houses
Which means the same as permit?
a) command b) insist c) scold d) allow
Excessive spending is
a) money for groceries b) saving a little money c) spending too much d) money for clothing
Which of these affect the weather?
a) the seasons b) warm sweaters c) picnics d) houses
To calculate an answer, you use
a) math b) a dictionary c) an encyclopedia d) a dictionary
A newspaper column is
a) a reporter b) a delivery route c) an article that appears regularly d) an advertisment
Which of these resist rain?
a) soil b) a raincoat c) a pair of socks d) a daisy
Which amount exceeds one cup?
a) 1/2 cup b) 1/4 cup c) 1 gallon d) 1 teaspoon
After a kitten matures, it will be,
a) clean and fluffy b) a cat c) full of cat food d) purring happily
Which of these would most likely tower over a person?
a) a table b) a dog c) a skyscraper d) a car
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