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As altitude within the troposphere increases, the amount of water vapor generally
a) decreases, only b) increases, only c) remains the same d) decreases, then increases
By which process does moisture leave green plants?
a) transpiration b) convection c) condensation d) radiation
Most moisture enters the atmosphere by the processes of
a) transpiration and evaporation b) convection and conduction c) condensation and radiation d) reflection and absorption
The primary source of most of the moisture in Earth's atomosphere is
a) oceans b) soil-moisture storage c) rivers and lakes d) melting glaciers
As the exposed area of a moist object decreases, the rate of evaporation of the liquid from that object
a) decreases b) increases c) remains the same d) increases, and then decreases
To say that relative humidity on a given day is 70 percent means that the air
a) holds 70 percent of its water vapor capacity b) is composed of 70 percent water vapor c) contains 70 parts of water to 100 parts of dry air d) contains the same amount of water that it would contain at 70 degrees Fahrenheit
During which part of the day is the relative humidity usually lowest?
a) midafternoon b) morning c) evening d) late night
Which process most directly results in cloud formation
a) condensation b) transpiration c) precipitation d) radiation
Atmospheric transparency is most likely to increase after
a) precipitation b) volcanic eruption c) forest fires d) industrial activity
In order for a large mass of air to acquire uniform characteristics, it must
a) stagnate over a large land or water surface b) descend from the upper troposphere c) move rapidly with the prevailing westerlies d) move in the general planetary circulation
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