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Crescent-shaped cartilage found in the knee.
a) bursa b) articular cartilage c) meniscus d) synovia
Pain in fibrous tissue and muscle
a) Myasthenia b) Polymyositis c) Fibromyalgia d) Spondylarthritis
The muscles that are attached to bone by tendons and make body movement possible are called
a) Skeletal muscles b) All of the Above c) Voluntary muscles d) Striated muscles
Movement that turns the palm up
a) pronation b) supination c) eversion d) inversion
The suffix that means split or fissure is
a) -clasis b) -desis c) -physis d) -schisis
The suffix that mean surgical fixation or fusion is
a) -asthenia b) -desis c) -physis d) -clasia
the suffix that means break is
a) -clast b) -blast c) -poiesis d) -sclerosis
Softening of bones
a) Osteofibroma b) Osteomalacia c) Osteopenia d) Osteochondritis
Abnormal condition of stonelike bones
a) Osteosarcoma b) Osteofibroma c) Osteopetrosis d) Osteomyelitis
Slow movement
a) Bradykinesia b) Dyskinesia c) Hyperkinesia d) Hypokinesia
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