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Separation Techniques: Question Preview (ID: 10099)

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Suggest a separation technique to separate a mixture of sand and iron fillings.
a) Hand sorting b) Magnetic sorting c) Decantation d) Filtration  
Sand and water form a heterogeneous mixture. This mixture can be separated by:
a) Hand sorting b) Magnetic sorting c) Filtration d) Screening  
Indicate the separation technique used to separate a mixture of two immiscible liquids like oil and water.
a) Filtration b) Decantation c) Centrifugation d) Hand sorting  
Decantation is limited to:
a) Solid-Liquid homogeneous mixtures. b) Solid-Solid heterogeneous mixtures. c) Liquid-Liquid homogeneous mixtures. d) Solid-Liquid or Liquid-Liquid heterogeneous mixtures.  
Choose the correct statement that describes centrifugation.
a) It is not an efficient separation technique. b) It is used to speed up the settling of a solid. c) It is used to separate homogeneous mixtures. d) It can be used to separate oil-water mixture.  
Give the name of the separation technique used to separate (lentils-small stones) mixture.
a) Hand sorting b) Filtration c) Decantation d) Distillation  
Choose the statement that describes the filtration of muddy water.
a) Water passes through filter paper and is called residue. b) Water is retained on filter paper and is called filtrate. c) Mud is retained on filter paper and is called filtrate. d) Water passes while mud is retained on filter paper.  
Indicate the part of the mixture (sugar, sand and water) that passes through filter paper.
a) Sugar b) Water c) Sand d) Sugar and water  
The aim of crystallization is:
a) to collect solute in the form of crystals. b) to collect solvent. c) to collect solvent or solute. d) to collect both solvent and solute.  
Identify the separation technique used to separate salt-water mixture.
a) Decantation b) Filtration c) Centrifugation. d) Distillation  

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