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What is an estuary?
a) Land that separates rivers. b) An area where freshwater and saltwater meet and mix. c) Land that resides in the Chesapeake Bay d) Brackish water.
Number of endangered species in the United States has________.
a) Decreased b) Grown exponentially c) Increased d) Not changed
Why has the number of endangered species increased?
a) Habitat destruction b) Pollution c) Farming d) Poaching
What fossil fuel is used the most in the U.S to produce electricity?
a) Oil b) Natural gas c) Coal d) All fossil fuels
What cause is changing the Earth's temperature the most?
a) Landfills b) Greenhouse gases c) Global Warming d) Pollution
Which of the items can be recycled?
a) Paper b) Food c) Clothes d) Rubber
Which is the best definiton of a nonrenewable resource?
a) A resource that can be used again b) A natural resource c) Coal, oil and natural gas d) A resource that cannot be replaced in a useful amount of time
Which is not an environmental impact from mining coal?
a) Workers can be harmed b) Disposal of the waste c) Canary's are killed d) Mining is messy
Which is the best definition of a natural resource?
a) A resource that cannot be replaced in your lifetime b) Animals c) Something that comes from the environment that can be used by humans d) A resource that can be replaced in your lifetime
Which of the following is not a advantage of using alternative energy sources?
a) Renewable b) Better for the environment c) Can sometimes be less expensive d) Can sometimes be more expensive
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