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The boy ________ to the shops.
a) went b) saw c) sat d)
Hold my ________ to cross the street.
a) car b) hand c) walk d)
Can you give me a ________?
a) run b) hint c) start d)
You are my ________ friend.
a) get b) play c) best d)
We went camping in a ________.
a) tent b) bag c) night d)
Would you like some ________ with your cookies?
a) take b) eat c) milk d)
I have a sore ________ on my head.
a) help b) lump c) test d)
Sweep up the ________ with a broom.
a) dust b) for c) top d)
________ your hands in the air.
a) Find b) Pick c) Lift d)
How high can you ________?
a) take b) jump c) tell d)
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