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The router
a) to saw b) to cut c) to rout out or hollow out d) to sand
The circular saw
a) to rout out b) to saw c) to brush d) to polish
The paring chisel
a) to cut b) to brush c) to file d) to chisel off fine layers
The CarpenterĀ“s mallet
a) to cut b) to brush c) to hit d) to saw
The electric plane
a) to polish b) to shave off wood chips c) to cut d) to brush
The electric grinder
a) to saw b) to cut c) to brush d) to grind cylindrical and flat objects
The teasel
a) to clean rasps and files b) to file c) to hit d) to shave off layers
The rasp
a) to drill b) to make grooves c) to cut d) to file off tiny chips
The gimlet
a) to drill b) to brush c) to saw d) to cut
The plane
a) to nail b) to smooth a surface c) to level wood surfaces d) to brush
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