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the study of the solid part of Earth
a) topography b) geology c) astronomy d) paleontology
portion of Earth made of water
a) lithosphere b) atmosphere c) biosphere d) hydrosphere
Latitude lines
a) horizontal line on a map b) verticle lines on a mpa c) measure east and west of the prime meridian d) can be seen from space
the height above sea level
a) relief b) contour lines c) elevation d) latitude lines
closely-space contour lines indicate
a) hills b) steep slopes c) relief d) plateau
difference in elevation between two points
a) relief b) land forms c) topography d) plateau
a line on a topographic map connecting areas of equal elevation
a) latitude line b) longitude line c) contour line d) prime meridian
represented by closed loops
a) hill b) plateau c) stream d) elevation
On a topographic map, contour lines form a/an __ at streams
a) U b) T c) V d) X
a sphere that represents Earth’s entire surface
a) topographic map b) relief map c) globe d) map
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