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Where did the Romans live?
a) Egypt b) Greece c) Italy d)
Which was the name of the first emperor ?
a) Julio Cesar b) Napoleón c) Augusto d)
Which was the name of France for the Roman ?
a) Britania b) Germania c) Hispania d) Galia
The women how was the lover of Cesar and Marco Antonio was...?
a) Aspasia b) Cleopatra c) d)
The frontiers in Roman were called?
a) frontiers b) limes c) d)
Where did the people in Rome to get fun?
a) to the circus b) to thermas bath c) d)
The name of the city destroyed by a volcanic eruption was
a) Rome b) Pompeii c) d)
The reason of the ending the Roman Empire was
a) an earthqueake b) Barbarian c) d)
The river that divided Rome in two parts was
a) Danube b) Tíber c) d)
The name of the higher class was...
a) nobilitas b) patrician c) d)
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