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When is the International Women's Day celebrated?
a) The 8th March b) the 1st of May c) the 25th December d) the 5th of June
What date is Christmas Eve?
a) 25th December b) 24th December c) 1st january d) none of the choices
Which country has Independence Day on 4th July?
a) Great Britain b) Spain c) the USA d) South Africa
When is France national day celebrated?
a) 14th July b) 4th July c) 1st december d) none of the choices
When is St Patrick's day celebrated?
a) 7th March b) 13th June c) 5th June d) 17th March
In which month is Valentine's Day?
a) January b) February c) March d) It isn't celebrated
What is celebrated on 31st October?
a) Environment Day b) Easter c) Thanksgiving d) Halloween
When is AIDS day?
a) 4th July b) 5th June c) 1st December d) none of the choices
When is Boxing Day?
a) 26th December b) 25th December c) 24th December d) all choices
When is your teacher's birthday?
a) 7th May b) 8th May c) 9th May d) 10th May
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