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a description made using your five senses and/or scientific instruments
a) inference b) observation c) hypothesis d) control
is an opinion or explanation based on observations
a) inference b) hypothesis c) independent variable d) control
scientific question
a) independent variable b) control c) observation d) can be answered by using the scientific method
the variable in an experiment that is being tested
a) independent variable b) dependent variable c) hypothesis d) control
dependent variable
a) inference b) observation c) the variable that changes d) hypothesis
How many independent variables are there in an experiment
a) one b) two c) three d) four
a possible solution to the problem
a) observation b) dependent variable c) hypothesis d) inference
written as an if….then statement
a) observation b) hypothesis c) inference d) scientific question
The first step in the scientific method
a) state the problem b) experiment and observe c) analyze data d) draw conclusion
a) the hypothesis b) all factors in an experiment except the independent variable c) the results d) the data
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