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Which type of microbe reproduces by producing spores?
a) Fungi b) Bacteria c) Viruses d) All choices
What is the name of an organism that transports a pathogen?
a) Vector b) Messenger c) Plant d) Animal
Which disease is caused by a virus?
a) Common cold b) Food poisoning c) Whooping cough d) Ringworm
Which type of microbe is used in bread making?
a) Fungi b) Bacteria c) Viruses d) All choices
Which type of microbe is found when decomposition occurs?
a) Fungi b) Viruses c) Insects d) All choices
Which type of microbe causes tuberculosis?
a) Bacteria b) Fungi c) Viruses d) Insects
Which organ produces acid to kill bacteria?
a) Stomach b) Liver c) Heart d) Kidney
Which is the resistant bacterium found in hospitals?
a) MRSA b) AIDS c) HIV d) STD
Lymphocytes produce chemicals called
a) Antibodies b) Antibiotics c) Antigens d) Antiseptics
What do antibodies do to the antigens?
a) Clump them together b) Kill them c) Spread them out d) Stop them moving
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